Resource outsourcing

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Resource outsourcing is a modern technology, associating the client and a third party by way of farming out of services from one part to another.

Resource outsourcing envelops non-uniformly scaled projects from outsourcing all management of IT to outsourcing a very small and easily defined service, e.g. disaster recovery or data storage, and everything in between. The business case for outsourcing has considerable benefits such as lower costs (due to economies of scale or lower labor rates); variable capacity; the ability to focus on core competencies by ridding yourself of peripheral ones; lack of in-house resources; increased efficiency; access to specific IT skills; increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions; tighter control of budget through predictable costs; lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure; access to innovation and thought leadership, which makes this technology very multifunctional in IT universe.

Gyrus specialists gave a good account of themselves on the specialized market as the software development experts with over ten years experience in IT. We are used to serving not only our native consumers, but also worldwide ones. A foreign company outsources services to us in Ukraine while being based in another country. We provide fully transparent work on the off-/on-site levels to our client, who also takes the advantage of lower labor cost. This workflow is called also as offshore outsourcing.

Efficient communication and appropriate QA procedures ensure quality project execution and completion. We bring forward to you the specialized directions of our activity.

Core Technologies:

  • Core: Windows Azure, Java (Android), C#, ASP.NET, XML, C/C++;
  • DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird.

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