Windows Media Services solutions

Windows Media Streaming Accounting

Windows Media Streaming Accounting

Project type: Media
Project status: Production (2005-2009), Closed
Date: October, 2005

It is well-known that Windows Media® Services is a powerful, industry-level, highly scalable media streaming server capable of simultaneous handling of thousands of connections and providing heavy outbound traffic. But in default configuration it lacks any features that can be utilized to build end-user solution.

We offer integration of Windows Media® Services streaming with powerful session-based access control solution. Following are key features.

Media access control

  • Client identity authentication;
  • Authorization and media access control. Only authenticated and authorized clients can access digital media;
  • Structured set of policies and access control rules that control business logic.

Customizable content delivery

  • Broadcasting of live events;
  • On-demand media delivery, customizable streams;
  • Virtual live channel:
    • Server playlist management and monitoring;
    • Schedule every item at specific time, set repeat options;
    • Interstitial ads, program blocks insertion at specific time or event.

Media access statistics

Full log of media starts, session duration, bytes sent, and so on, is accounted and summarized for a distinct client.

Integrated content management system

  • Add customers and assign media access control policies;
  • Manage digital media on your server;
  • Create server playlists and live channels;
  • Control ads delivered in your channel.


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition or Datacenter Edition.

With these modules it is easy to build single-server media-integrated web solution.