Web development

Automated questionnaire

Automated questionnaire

Project type: web
Project status: Production
Opened: August, 2013

Veveo is a paint brand that stands for a quality product and acceptable price level. Its products are widely used in residential and commercial construction, new projects and renovation. Until now Dutch bunch has assisted its potential clients via the commercial technical advisors, who provide special-purpose technical advice and support. But considering the fact that the ideas of this company stood out as varied as their products range, at present all potential clients previously are able to research the automated questionnaire on their corporate website – the product synergies of Veveo and Gyrus Solutions teams. Our developers were engaged in the server part of this web application. So please assess the logical chain, implemented in the back end.

This virtual consultant may be called a peculiar “Jack at a pinch”, as it works for free, twenty-four hours a day, serves as improved and detailed coatings catalog and provides no less useful support the technical advisors do.