Web development

Tea Master House project website

Project type: web
Project status: Production
Design agency: Oksana Tumeniuk-Malashenko
Opened: August, 2013

Dear Patrons of Podol tea club “The tea master house”,

kindly note that at present you are able to use the project website of your favorite rest place. Gyrus Solutions developers spare no effort to create their next quality product in terms of a real virtual world between guests and the master house itself. Now everyone is welcome to preview the actual tea menu, all the variety of halls and their assignment, holding tea ceremonies and also the overview of event program within the club walls. What's really cool is the option of price indication. Everything has its price and a brief description on this site. Moreover a very user-friendly and handy application called “Calculating the cost of tea” is implemented right here. So that due to this app you certainly won’t go wrong with the price for the received services. The site also maintains the internet-shop, where you are able to order tea and the ware you like.

So welcome and kindly enjoy using all the facilities of the project virtual novelty. You will find here not only the useful information content, but also the apps, which would certainly facilitate the planning of your pastime program inside the club and determine the appropriate service price for your fully comfort.