iPhone and Mac OS X development

Fantasy Trader

Client: Locus Innovations (India)
Design agency: Visualizers
Date: July, 2010

Online game Fantasy Trader meets users' needs in purchasing and selling stocks using virtual currency. At that they pique at one another for the varying cost of their net portfolio.

This version suggests the range of opportunities for users - to vote for their own accumulated stocks, ipso facto increase the latter value; create or join the definite clubs aimed to expand their voting rights, thus making competion versatile and realistic, after all.

We have developed this application based on specifications provided by the client.

The solution includes:

  • High-performance backend (MSSQL and ASP.NET 3.5), which is capable of handling 100+ buy/sell transactions per second;
  • Fast and robust two-way synchronization between backend and frontend;
  • Sophisticated iPhone front-end, which presents outstanding user interface;
  • User accounts, server-side portfolio management, dividends payout system for stocks and clubs, advanced voting permissions for club members;
  • In-app news and announcements, interactive tutorial and other features.