Project rescue

Our customers

Software development projects happen to fail through the interaction of the scarce specification, cheap service, unskilled programmers, inaccurate planning. But that can set right. If your interest in this subject hasn't waned, our A1 specialists can successfully accomplish your project and bring it into play, as everything is solvable in their opinion and any programming job is within their power.

We can resume the suspended development design and create the real hack from it, providing expertise and software development by means of the modern technologies. Often the irrational behavior of ready-made codebase induces new team to rework this product from scratch. Any stage of your project is acceptable to our team.

We always do our best to meet your needs in the software universe. So if you make a drastic decision to redesign or refurbish your project, based on the following technologies, we'll move heaven and earth to be useful for you.

Core Technologies:

  • Core: Windows Azure, Java (Android), C#, ASP.NET, XML, C/C++;
  • DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird.

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