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August, 2012

Android and Windows Azure software development services

We completed a large restructuring of our resources and skills, learned a lot of new stuff and now we are ready for new projects. Last year we were working hard mastering two new platforms: Android and Windows Azure. Despite of both are pretty young they are very popular already. And smart conjunction of these technologies gives strong advantages to our customers.

While Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices and there is no need to explain or prove this fact anyhow, Windows Azure is an advanced modern cloud application hosting platform. And we are focused on development of Android applications with rich server-side part. Azure allows launching a super small project and scaling it up while payload is growing. Here is the best part: scaling is very easy, just order more resources from Azure cloud when you need, no additional development required. In this way our customers may raise large social web/mobile applications with hundreds thousands users.

One may ask why Azure and not Amazon cloud services or Google App Engine. We have years of experience in .NET + MS SQL development behind and this is most important part of success.

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